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About the Veterans of Foreign War

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was established on September 29th 1899 in Columbus, Ohio. By 1913 three groups of Veterans post Spanish-American War formed in Denver, CO and Pennsylvania to form what is now Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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About John S McCain III Post 7401

Formally William B Pate VFW Post 7401 in Chandler AZ it was established in 1968. The name was recently changed to John S McCain in 2019. John McCain was a life member of the Chandler VFW and we still honor William B Pate in naming of our Hall after him.

The Chandler VFW has been supporting the Chandler community for over 50 years. Raising money to participate in giving away scholarships and participating in local events like the annual Ostrich Festival, supporting youth groups such as the Girl Scouts and Young Marines. To see a list of all of the programs and organizations the post supports



751 S Arizona Ave

Chander, AZ 85225


John S McCain III


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